Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

-evenings from 6pm

Deposit/Venue Fee -please ask

Minimum Spend - Please ask


PARTIES not wanting exclusive use of the restaurant:

We are happy to accommodate your party in the restaurant, but we cannot guarantee a dedicated area as exclusive.
We are only able to allocate a section of the balcony or indoor spaces.
Guests can still order snacks or platters, and these will be passed around your group by our wait staff during the evening.
We can also offer our feast menu, or tailor a menu to meet your requirements.
We will need confirmation of numbers and the agreed spend on food paid for 72 hours in advance.

We will take all reasonable efforts to accommodate guests’ dietary needs. However, as our kitchen is a single environment, we cannot guarantee that the ingredients we use will be allergen free. 

Please inform us of any dietary requirements/allergies.
More information available on request



Deposits must be paid 72 hours prior to the function. 

A deposit is only refundable upon cancellation of any function if that cancellation is submitted no later than 48 hours prior to the function. 


Credit will not be considered for functions. 

Full payment must be made at the conclusion of any function on the night.

A 15% late fee will be charged to the final outstanding amount if payment is not made on the night of the function.

All payments must be made by credit card or Eftpos if being made on the night. Or they can be made by credit card, Eftpos or bank transfer in advance. 

By booking your function at NEO you agree to accept all of the above Terms and Conditions.